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November 16th, 2005 at 06:13 pm

Thanks for your encouraging words and advice!

Happy to say that last month we did consolidate our insurance with AAA. They offered us a very good deal for home and auto. I'm hoping to add life insurance with them if they can offer a better deal than our current.

Tonight I will check into Vonage. We spend in excess of $230/month between cellular and land line. I know that's a LOT. A chunk of that is calling Australia, where we have lots of family. Apparently, Vonage allows calls to Australia for 4cents a minute. I hope to have our phone bills down to around $100/month, which would allow an extra $130/month for paying down the mortgage.

I thought this money saving venture would be hard, but the more I think of the challenges and the possibilities, the more encouraged I am. Of course reading these other posts really helps to motivate.

Thrilled to report that I am making stew and cornbread for dinner (raided the freezer and pantry) so I didn't spend anything today so far....

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