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OUCH, my tailbone hurts!

November 18th, 2005 at 03:52 pm

Miracles Do happen!

I was watching tv last night with my son perched on the arm of our tattered and torn sofa. I spotted my daughter headed towards the ironing board with an arm load of clothing. She started to iron some jeans after the iron had heated up. I was so surprised that the power of speach left me. When I finally asked her what she is doing, because I've NEVER seen her iron anything before, she told me that she wanted to iron some of her nicer clothing which she outgrew to get them ready for eBay.

My reaction was "WHAT??"...then I lost balance and fell off the arm of the sofa....literally....on my backside. The floor is old, cold and concrete hard. I'm sure I'm black and blue today. I took some asprin. I don't think I broke anything.

If the pile of ironed things aren't layed out on a table in the basement and if my backside didn't hurt...I would think that I dreamt the whole thing...

She must have had a nightmare of a cheeseburger monster chasing her or something. Yeah, that must be it...a nightmare. Don't know how else to explain it.

I did it! I looked into Vonage last night and it looks like a GO. I'm so excited. I think we can do the $14.99/month plan and keep a very basic traditional phone line for 911 service (which would be about $20/month or less - I wish we could just drop this, but I feel we need the 911 service). Allowing 2 hours of calls to Australia at 5cents a minute, would make our total home phone bill between $42-48/month depending on what taxes and such are tacked on. Add the $68 celluar and our monthly phone bill will come in at around $120 at worst (which is still high, but $110/month less than current). I'll sign up and get the process started. I'm really happy about this one.

I need to figure out a better cellular plan. We have one of those family plan, two cell phones for one account. $68 is rather high for the little we use, but I'm not willing to let go of a cell phone. GIves me piece of mind when I'm out or when my daughter is out. I'm sure there MUST be a cheaper alternative....

Cable is another area which I hope to attack soon. $110/month between cable and cable internet is high...

My Mama never told me how hard it is to become mortgage free...!

Savings this month:
Earned/saved: $0
Recurring monthly savings: $0 (until Vonage is installed that is)
Sceduled toward principle: $1000 (hope it's more next month)
Mortgage balance: $405,760

3 Responses to “OUCH, my tailbone hurts!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Call your phone company and ask but in california any phone plugged into the wall, even if there is no service is supposed to be able to call 911 it is a local call. Jus tlike any cell phone, as long as it is charged is supposed to be able to call 911.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck with the cell phones. We just went through that and settled on Nextel. Nextel and Verizon were very comparable in price (the cheapest we could find phones locally was about $70-80 for two), but Verizon wanted $100 for the phones and Nextel gave them to us for free. We've had several other carriers, but they did not get good reception where we live (rural area). It's good to do your research online to be able to compare the plans - it really helped me to know what I was talking about when I went to the store to sign up.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Two ideas regarding the cell phones: 1) Does anyone in your family work for a company that gets discounts from the big cell phone companies? My company has a deal with Verizon where we get a 17% discount on their service. All I needed to do was either fax a copy of my work id or send an email directly from my work address. You can check with your HR department, or go to (I love that site!) and do a search on Verizon Wireless and the thread about corporate discounts will come up. (I believe others besides Verizon offer this). 2) They have prepaid, usage only cell phone plans (Tracfone?) that might be good for you if it's really emergency only. Good luck!

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